disabled business entrepenur Shane bratby

"I may not live long on earth,

 I live on within my work,

 I will live forever"​​​​​​​ - Shane Bratby

Shane Bratby​​​​

A ​​​Disabled Entrepreneur





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Shane Bratby is an inspiring, dynamic and highly successful business disabled entrepreneur, he sold his first business when he was 27 years old and is the founder of various companies, including Disabled Entrepreneurs. Shane is so much loved by friends and family because of his inherent ability to change any negative situations into a positive outcome. He has won the battle against his long-term disability proving his statement hands down "keeping your mind active, helps"

My Successful Companies

​​​​​​​He left school when he was 16 years old because his school did not hold GCSE tests. He left his family at just 16 and went in search of greener pastures and a better life. Shane had a very challenging childhood and he thought that education might have been his way to escape from life's toughest challenges (the family who was addicted to drugs), With very little qualifications behind him, it was tough to find any decent job without mentioning the health problems he faced. The changes in his health conditions threw him into serious long-lasting depression.         

Shane went to the Jobcentre with the aim to get a job that will keep him so busy it will help him ease him out of his state of depression, but he was told to stay on disability benefits due to the fact that he would be paid more doing nothing. He knew he had to make his own decisions, as such, he chose to devote his life to humanity and helping others to achieve their purpose in life, with the knowledge that a life without Love and care towards others is not worth living at all.

Having lived in fear of death for in his early 20s due to the doctors saying so, he set up is first new type of charity, a shopping service that gives independence back to elderly people with mobility issues working with Sainsbury's. He wanted more so Mobility Buy was born one shop for everything mobility he went from a market stall to a shop even franchising and trading worldwide online. unfortunately, after an attack for money at his shop, it made him confirm the decision to sell his company.

Shane now is the owner of over 7 worldwide companies, including a business investment company. 

www.kaleidoscopeinvestments.com​​​​​​​ www.disabledentrepreneurship.com  





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